Sanctuary Air Conditioning

The large sanctuary air conditioning units are 40 years old and are on borrowed time. It is only a matter of time before they fail. One of the units needs to be serviced and charged with about 25# of refrigerant at the beginning of each summer just to get us though the season. We use a 30# drum each season with the remainder of the refrigerant going into the other unit. The costs for this service have been steadily increasing. The type of refrigerant used in these units is becoming increasingly expensive, and difficult to acquire. We want to be pro-active and replace these units before they fail completely. There are currently two large ten ton units that together will cost an estimated $35,000 to replace including all copper lines, compressors and coils. We have established a fund to raise the money for this repair. Thank you in advance for your financial commitment which will allow for this repair! Follow the fundraising efforts on the poster in the entryway!

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