Not A Fan Sunday Sermon and Bible Study Series

Beginning January 19th Pastor Doug will be preaching a six part Sunday sermon series and leading an adult Bible study titled, Not A Fan. In the New Testament gospels Jesus is recorded as saying “Follow Me” over twenty different times. There is a clear distinction between becoming a completely committed follower of Jesus versus simply hanging around being a fan of Jesus which is demonstrated by an unwillingness to offer ourselves, our time, talents or treasures as a sacrifice for the sake of God’s kingdom work. You are encouraged to not only commit to joining us in worship throughout this Bible
based sermon series, but also to read the book, Not A Fan, authored by Pastor Kyle Idleman of Louisville, Kentucky. We will have books available for you to purchase or you can pick one up at any bookstore or order online. As one considers Jesus’ New Testament teachings we learn quickly that He was never interested in having admirers, but instead completely committed disciples of Christ. If you are interested in hosting a six week home Bible study or have questions please speak with Pastor Doug.

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