OSLC Outreach Ministry Needs You!

We at OSLC are interested in developing a team of adults who would be willing to invest themselves in a unique outreach ministry. It is a proven fact that thriving faith communities in today’s post-Christian world do make a major difference in whether new community members know they are welcomed, in whether those who have become inactive in God’s church for whatever reason know that they are loved, and in whether we are honoring God’s command to go from wherever we live or worship to share the Good News of our Easter faith.

Thriving congregations are interested in deploying men and women in missions and in sensitizing themselves to community needs. They are eager for neighbors and community members to know God, to be drawn to the unchurched, as well as sharing a vision for the future of God’s church locally and worldwide. Thriving faith communities are purpose driven!

We invite you a help make a difference in this community and in your respective neighborhood. We are offering an opportunity to gather together on Sunday, July 27th, at 10:15 a.m. in the sanctuary to hopefully begin to put together a ministry team/s that would be willing to introduce themselves and welcome individuals/families to our local communities and neighborhoods. We are praying for men and women of faith who desire to be intentional about sharing the love of Christ through their words and actions in this ministry of hospitality. If you are interested, please speak with Pastor Doug or plan to attend this summer gathering.

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