Pack the Pews Sunday – January 10, 2016

pewsWhat a novel idea! Faith communities across the land are encouraging worshippers to participate in a nation-wide effort to Pack the Pews in God’s churches. From a pastor’s perspective, this needs to be happening every time we worship, but due to the fact that we live in a post-Christian world it seems that we must look for ways to encourage people of faith, and equally important, people without faith in Jesus the Savior, to gather for worship whenever and wherever possible.

How do we facilitate Pack the Pew Sunday? Invite! Invite! Invite! We each invite 5-10 adults, youth and children to join us for the Sunday 9:00 a.m. worship and the 10:15 fellowship/Sunday School hour. We may even be so bold as to politely ask to bring a person or family member with us to worship if a ride is needed.

Together, we can Pack the Pews on Sunday, January 10th, 2016. But let’s not stop there, for we have regular worship opportunities throughout this coming year! God bless your New Year!

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