The Cross Project

The Cross Project…Celebrating Easter…Apart…Together 

Make a weather-resistant Cross, and place it in your front yard— the larger the better!!
(We will have some crosses in front of the church by the end of the week if you do not have the supplies at home to build your own.) 

Place leafy “palm” plants around your Cross to remember Jesus’  triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
MAUNDY THURSDAY: Place towels and a water container with your Cross. This is the day Jesus washed his disciples’ feet as they gathered for the Last Supper.
GOOD FRIDAY: Make a crown of thorns and hang it on the Cross.
EASTER SUNDAY: Late Saturday or early Sunday, decorate your Cross with flowers, a butterfly, a white cloth—something celebratory to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus  our Lord.

(Idea from Luther Memorial Church, Syracuse, NY) 

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