Sanctity of Human Life

Questions have been circulating in our faith family, in the community at large, and
throughout the nation about human life issues. We have a link on our OSLC website
which provides anyone interested access to Lutherans For Life. It is the most respected national, faith-based Lutheran organization from which we each can learn what conservative, bible-based perspectives are relating to emotionally charged human life issues publically debated in our post-Christ American society. You are invited to go to, click the links icon at the right of the site, scroll down
until you find Lutherans For Life and click to access their website. Otherwise go to and spend some time researching its content. The Lutherans For
Life mission is to equip Lutherans to be Gospel-motivated voices for life.

In response to possible confusion in the LCMC and a congregation’s position in regard to human life issues ~ all 915 LCMC congregations are autonomous Christian communities of faith. Our Saviour’s Lutheran has chosen to affiliate with Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ which is described as an Affiliation of Lutheran Churches, not a denomination. That means that we do not have a Bishop, but a Coordinator who represents us nationally and internationally. LCMC does not formulate, nor vote on social statements at its annual national gatherings. We elect a Board of Trustees and have a small, but efficient, group of staff members who serve the LCMC as an affiliation of churches, as well as assisting its congregations when needed. None of these individuals set, nor suggest social policy positions for the clergy, for its lay leaders, nor for its congregations.

I invite you to go to to learn more about what LCMC is and how we govern ourselves. Under the ‘About Us’ link, we are described as “congregations which have significant latitude in ordering and shaping ministry in their local setting.” The LCMC, as well as Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, each have a constitution and bylaws which define our confession of faith and statement of purpose. A congregation may determine their own position statement based upon their view of scripture, God’s Holy Word, if they choose to do so.

As for me personally, I have been and continue to be a pro-life pastor serving God’s Church. I base that understanding on a conservative interpretation of Holy Scripture. If you have questions please stop by my office to visit about this or other faith in daily life issues.

Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10b