Time, Talents and Treasures

Everything we have comes from God and belongs to God: life, family, money, resources, time, employment, talents…everything. 1st John 3:27, 1st Corinthians 4:7 We each are stewards of what God has graciously given to us. He owns it; we care for it; we use it. In addition to the breath in our lungs and the food on our tables, God has given forgiveness, righteousness, and eternal life through the work of Jesus: “an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven.” 1st Peter 1:4

All of this is much more than we deserve, and though many Christians would nod their heads in agreement, few seem to live as though it were actually true. One way for us to address this ongoing challenge in our lives of faith is to revisit the fundamental Biblical teachings of our Christian faith.

Stewarding the gift of ‘Time’. The importance of freely giving precious time for God’s kingdom work here in His church and beyond the doors of our worship center.

Stewarding the gift of ‘Talents’. The importance of willingly using your God–given spiritual gifts and talents for His purposes in this community we share.

Stewarding the gifts of ‘Treasures’ bestowed upon us from above. The importance of joyfully giving unto the Lord and His church what He has first given each of us.

God has blessed us in many and various ways. Let us in turn be a blessing to others by using the Time, Talents and Treasures the Lord has graciously bestowed upon us as the children of the heavenly Father, as sons and daughters in the family of God, as saved sinners redeemed by the Savior of this world, Jesus Christ our Lord, and through the work of the Holy Spirit, the sustainer of life here on earth.

God bless and keep you today and every day He so graciously gives.

Pastor Doug