Prayer Shawl Ministry

A Healing Service is offered every second Sunday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the
Chapel. A Prayer Shawl ministry is also available at OSLC for anyone who may want to
gift another in need or to receive a prayer shawl themselves. Prayer Shawls are also
set out during worship the day of a Healing service as a reminder of the healing
among us.

The Prayer Card that accompanies each prayer shawl reads:

A Mantle of Caring…”In the name of the Father, the Creator; the Savior, the Healer
and the Lifter of pain; in the name of the Spirit, the Comforter and the Sustainer
of Life, this shawl was created as a mantle of caring, of protection, of strength,
of healing and of patience. May it enfold you when you are weak and weary…
You are very special to God.

Psalm 139:13-14 “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my
mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Our prayer for you is: “That God may guide you, keep you and instruct you into all
truth. May this shawl, as you fold it over you, keep you warm in his love, close to
his heart, and at peace with yourself and others.” Amen.


Knit and crocheted shawls still needed. Much gratitude to those hands that have prepared the many shawls given. Much joy to give or receive (a prayer shawl) a visible sign of our love, care and prayers for one another. “I will sacrifice a thank offering to you and call on the name of the Lord.” Ps. 116:17. With an attitude of gratitude we celebrate all that God has provided through Jesus the Christ.

Donations for yarn appreciated. Give to Alice Kauffman or leave at the church office.

Prayer shawls have been used throughout the generations—our ancient Israeli ancestors used prayer shawls to help them to pray and remind them of God’s constant presence.  If you are aware of someone you feel could benefit from the warmth and prayers that come with a shawl, please contact the church office. If you are interested in supporting this ministry, but don’t knit or crochet, you may give a monetary donation that will be put toward the purchase of more yarn.

To learn more about prayer shawl ministries, visit the shawl ministry website at

Who are the Shawls for?

“In the name of the Father, the Creator, the giver of Life, …” and so on begins another prayer shawl. This prayer shawl may go to a cancer patient, a person struggling with depression or pain that cannot be controlled. It may go to a daughter whose father is dying and she can’t be with him. It may go to a child whose parents are going through a divorce. It may be a member of Our Saviour’s or it may not be. Who it goes to is often unknown when a prayer shawl is started, but who makes it knows that their prayer for healing and hope with go with it.

There are no set guidelines for receiving a prayer shawl from the church. Often times the staff hears of someone with a particular need and sees that they get one. Sometimes a family member will ask if their loved one could have one. Some have gone to adults and some have gone to children. Anyone who is in need of prayer, hope, comfort and love of
a community may have a shawl.

Weave prayers into the shawl as you knit or crochet. Begin with a prayer for blessing the shawl. Then, pray for the person who will receive the shawl, as you are making the shawl.

General Directions for Making Prayer Shawls

Knitting Directions

3 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn or any soft worsted weight yarn
Size 11 or 13 knitting needles

Pattern: Cast on 57 stitches. First row—Knit (k) three, Purl (p) three, to the end of the row. Turn and knit the purl and purl the knit. You will begin every row with knit. Knit about 2 2/3 skeins in the pattern. Use the rest of the yarn for fringe. Fringe can be as short as 3 inches or as long as 8 or 9 inches. Finished size is about 2’x7’.

Crochet Directions Developed by Rita Glod

Materials: 3 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn or any soft worsted weight yarn

*Note: that crocheting typically uses more yarn than knitting, so you might have to adjust the width and size of hook or use another 1/2 skein. It has been suggested that skeins of the same dye lot be purchased.

Pattern: Chain 54 stitches or desired width of shawl. Chain 1, turn, single crochet in
each of the stitches to end. Chain 3 and turn. Double crochet in top of each single
crochet. Repeat this row 2 more times. Chain 1 and do 1 row of single
crochet to end. Chain 3 and turn. Do 3 rows of double crochet. Repeat pattern
to end (1 row single, 3 rows double) End with 1 row of single. Finish with