Wellness Tip for April 2016

Lent is a time of preparation.We prepare ourselves for Easter morning, a celebration of Christ’s resurrection!

Every day we prepare. Every day we prepare for our day’s activities, work,home projects, kids for school, appointments, meetings, etc.

Food preparation is also important to our health. A balanced diet of fruit, grains, meat and vegetables is important. Always wash and clean fruits and vegetables before cooking or serving raw. When preparing meat, it is always good to cook to 170° temperature. But some of us like our beef on the rare side at 140° or medium at 160°. Pork and fowl should always be prepared at 170°.

Remembering the words of our Lord and Savior in Matthew 15:17-20.

“It is not what enters the mouth that defiles.
But that which proceeds out of the mouth that defile a man.”

May we all have a blessed Easter!