Wellness Tip for February 2019

In John 4:1 Jesus tells us “Let not your hearts be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me.”

Jesus is speaking about our spiritual hearts. We also need to keep our “physical” heart healthy. One way to do this is to have your cholesterol checked.

Your doctor can use your results with other factors to predict your lifetime or 10 year risk for a heart attack or stroke.

HDL (good) cholesterol-a high level-above 60 gives some protection against heart disease. Regular exercise, weight loss, and smoking cessation increase HDL levels.

LDL (bad) cholesterol-A low level is considered good for heart health. Limit saturated and transfat in your diet as these tend to raise LDL.

Triglycerides-This is the chemical form in which most fasts-in foods, as well as in our bodies. Having a low number is good.

Total cholesterol score-This is figured by adding your HDL, LDL and 20% of your triglyceride level. Aim for a score of 200 or less.

Normal ranges are less important than your overall cardiovascular risk.

Talk to your doctor about ways to keep your “physical” heart healthy.

Talking to God helps your “spiritual heart” (physical one too).

Source: American Heart Association