Wellness Tip for December 2018

23 Simple tips to stop overeating

1. Get rid of distractions (turn off technology and concentrate on your meal).
2. Know your weaknesses (keep temptations out of your home).
3. Don’t ban all your favorite foods (allow yourself a treat every once in a while, eat your treats in moderation).
4. Try volumetrics (fill up on healthy foods so you don’t indulge in unhealthy foods).
5. Avoid eating from containers (measure your portions according to serving sizes).
6. Reduce stress (find ways to cope with stress to avoid stress eating).
7. Practice mindful eating (focus on your thoughts and senses as you are eating).
8. Eat fiber-rich foods (satisfies and keeps you full for longer).
9. Eat regular meals (don’t skip meals).
10. Keep a food journal (keep track of all the food you eat).
11. Dine with like-minded friends (choose those who also like to make healthy choices).
12. Fill up on protein (choose protein rich foods to help you fight cravings, and fight off hunger).
13. Stabilize your blood sugar levels (choose foods that help keep your blood sugar stabilized).
14. Slow down (take your time eating and chew your food thoroughly).
15. Watch your alcohol intake (do not drink, or limit yourself to one beverage).
16. Plan ahead (always have healthy choices on hand).
17. Replace sugary drinks with water (an average adult should drink 8-8 oz. glasses of water a day).
18. Check in with yourself (ask yourself why you are overeating, and address the reasons). 19. Ditch the diet mentality (don’t go on fad diets, choose healthy eating as a lifestyle change).
20. Break old habits (identify unhealthy behaviors, and slowly make changes).
21. Eat healthy fats (add healthy fats such as nuts, olive oil, avocados, etc. to your diet).
22. Keep your goals in mind (know your short term and long term goals).
23. Get help if you need it (seek professional help if you feel you have an eating disorder or need nutritional advice).