Wellness Tip for May 2016

Pack a Family Picnic

A picnic is a great opportunity to experience the wonder of God’s creation and enjoy some of God’s great gifts of food. Be sure and stay safe and healthy by following these guidelines.

  • Bring soap, water, and paper towels to wash hands, surfaces, and utensils. A plastic picnic cloth makes the table seem more festive.
  • Bring a food thermometer. Use it to grill to safe internal temperature: 160° F for burgers; a minimum of 165° F for chicken.
  • Store chilled foods in a cooler with ice or ice packs. Use a separate cooler for drinks, so the one containing perishable foods won’t be constantly opened and closed.
  • Store uncooked meat, poultry or fish for grilling in a well-sealed container. Pack it in the bottom of the cooler so juices will not leak onto other foods.
  • Put grilled foods on a clean plate, not a plate used for uncooked foods. Disposable paper plates are great!
  • Keep coolers in the car as you drive and at the picnic keep them in shade under a tree or bench.
  • Return chilled foods to the cooler right after serving. Discard leftover meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and foods made with them if left out for 1 hour or more in temperatures over 90°F.

Hopefully, no ants, no bees, no food poisoning! Just a great family fun day experiencing God’s wonderful creation and fellowship with one another.