Quilting Ministry

Quilting is an important ministry at OSLC, reaching out to those in our country and around the world who are in need of a warm blanket. Quilting will resume on in the fall  meeting in the downstairs social room at 1:15 p.m. Fabric donations are appreciated for making quilt tops, backs and liners (cotton is preferred). Watch for fabric sales, twin size flat sheets make nice backings. Invite a friend and join in the fellowship and in the WOW Mission Outreach Ministry.

Coffee and snacks are enjoyed. You will be blessed to be a blessing by assembling these gifts of warmth and comfort. For more information, go to lwr.org/quilts.

No Quilting experience necessary – just a desire to help someone in need.

Blessing of Quilts
P: We worship today in a sanctuary adorned with quilts pieced together by members of our Quilting Ministry from remnants and bits of discarded fabric. It is our purpose to dedicate these quilts to the use of a holy God who is always taking common and discarded things and using them for holy purposes. In every generation, the primary symbol of the Christian faith is the cross. In our generation, the secondary symbol of Christianity might be the patchwork quilt. With joy and humility, therefore, we offer these quilts to our Creator and Redeemer, as an extension of ourselves and of the discipleship with which God has entrusted us. Let us pray.

C: Most merciful Father, receive these quilts, the work of our hands, and go with them into the streets and homes where we cannot go. Shelter from sin and sickness those who wrap themselves in these, our gifts. Grant that your children, who find warmth in these quilts, may also know the comfort of your fatherly arms; and renew us in Christ-like compassion, through Him in whom all who are weary and heavy-laden can find rest. Amen

Quilters meet on the second and fourth Mondays at 1:15 PM in the Social Room from September through April. All helping hands, old and new, are invited for a time of fellowship which will include pinning, tying, and sewing to make quilts for the needy.